For the Audacious Explorers

Choose the ultimate activity list to unveil Macau’s most exciting sights and sounds, which are not for the faint hearted. Excite your taste buds with delectable fusion flavours of authentic Macau cuisine and explore the aerial view of Macau from the summit of Fortaleza do Monte. To end off the experience in high spirits, head over to the world’s largest nighttime Bungee jumping spot, Macau tower, and strike off a point from the ultimate travel bucket list.

For the Laid-Back Trippers

Enjoy and soak in the alluring and vibrant Macau atmosphere, exploring sights and smells of Portuguese inspired food and architecture, which are amazingly amalgamated with the Chinese culture. Sit yourself in a quaint fusion café, with lots of Instagram-worthy moments, to enjoy a cuppa (Portuguese blends are fantastic) and pair it with a Portuguese egg tart. Thereafter, take a stroll down the many tiny streets of Macau and admire the conserved ruins and enjoy the various famous street snacks Macau has to offer, like the tasty pork buns almost everyone is raving about.

For the Hipster Sightseers

The beautiful landscapes of Macau are perfect for capturing travels down the unbeaten route. Explore Macau with keen spirits and let your heart take your feet to the most breath-taking sights. In actual fact, be it the hauntingly beautiful ruins, or the artistically laid floor mosaic on the streets, almost anywhere you go to in Macau is a photo opportunity to freeze the precious moments in time. Macau is the ideal traveling destination for those who indulge in travel photography and enjoys unique travel documentation.

Caravel Hotel
96-126 Rua Do Guimaraes

15 mins from Border Gate
15 mins from Macau Ferry Terminal
15 mins from Macau International Airport